Whether you’re a Little Mix fan or Disney films are more your jam (or both) – working with a humanist celebrant can change your life/enter you into a whole new world.

Sure, the primary job of working with a wedding celebrant is to help you get married in a symbolic and meaningful ceremony that aligns with your values, but we can and will actually do SO MUCH MORE! As someone lucky enough to see the effects as a job, here’s a little run-through of what will happen when you work with a celebrant for your wedding:

You’ll fall in love with your partner all over again

Look, I’m not saying that I’m Cupid with his chubby cheeks, curly hair and naked bottom… but working with a wedding celebrant usually results in an even deeper adoration for your partner than you had before. As I work with you to understand what makes you guys tick (both together and apart) to create a meaningful, personalised ceremony, we all embark on a deep dive of your relationship.

This is why I love Humanist weddings so much: a huge component of them is having a deeper understanding of your shared values as a couple. These are ideally things like ‘community’ and ‘kindness’ – basically, the Humanist principles! We’ll all come together to get a better awareness of those, which is what your marriage will essentially be based on, and you’ll feel even more connected.

Don’t worry – it’s not intense therapy, it’s a fun couple’s quiz and chat with me! But actively thinking about these elements and writing them down can make fall in love all over again with your other half. Obviously you thought they were pretty bloody fabulous already, otherwise you wouldn’t be engaged to them, but this can really strengthen that.

You’ll actually be excited for your ceremony

Chances are you’ve chosen to work with a wedding celebrant – or you’re at least entertaining the idea – because traditional ceremonies don’t excite you, and you want a ceremony that resonates with you. GO YOU! Far too many couples are terrified of or panic-stricken when they think about the ceremony element of their wedding, and just want to fast-forward to the party bit afterwards. In actual fact, the ceremony is such a key part of a wedding (and a marriage!) that you should be totally buzzing for that bit as well. Working with a celebrant to craft a ceremony that’s going to be heavenly rather than hellish, adrenaline-filled rather than anxiety-inducing, and terrific rather than terrifying, can help you be excited for the day as a whole. You deserve better than to wish away half of your wedding day, babes.

 Image by Emilie White Photography Image by Emilie White Photography

You’re seen, fully.

Some elements of more traditional wedding ceremonies can seem stifling and not at all appropriate for modern couples. If you’re a beautiful star-shaped peg who’s found fitting into the round hole of more trad ceremonies tiresome and not for you, then bring your five points to me and shine, baaaaaby! We work together to decide on wording that totally represents you, with no tinges of servitude or subservience.

I hate to bang on about Humanists UK (I don’t, I will literally bang on about their greatness for as long as I live) but having a Humanist wedding is absolutely perfect for this. A common misconception is that Humanist weddings are just absent of religion, but in actual fact they’re ceremonies that strongly resonate with and reinforce key Humanist values of love, kindness, acceptance, fairness, community, and more. If you pick a celebrant who’s accredited with Humanists UK, part of their fee also goes back to their work, campaigning and fundraising for the promotion of these values. You’re seen, supported, and shown up for beyond your wedding day. Viva la humanism!


Nothing screams fun like someone mandating it, but I like to think working with me is a bucketload of fun. If the process of wedding planning is stressing you out, working with a celebrant can be welcome respite, and a way of still ticking things off the to-do list whilst relaxing. It’s also loads of fun on the day, natch, when we start singing halfway through and playing bingo with your guests as part of your readings.