When Candice and Lee decided they wanted to get married they knew they wanted to do it differently – and boy did they succeed with their two-day wedding festival extravaganza.

The two of them didn’t bank on marrying on the hottest day of the year but the glorious sunshine added a heady vibe to their frolic-filled weekend (aided, it must be said, by Lee announcing to all the guests that the free bar was open before the ceremony had even begun. Needs must!).

Everyone – myself included – was eyeing up the lake and some guests may well have got very, very naked (again, needs must!). It was their gorgeous cheese tower which suffered the most, ultimately toppling as temperatures skyrocketed throughout the day. Serious Tower of P̶i̶s̶a̶ Cheese-A vibes!

Candice and Lee’s humanist wedding ceremony

Candice and Lee wanted a humanist wedding ceremony that captured the fun in their relationship and did justice to the huge love they have for each other after a decade together.

‘I asked the Candice and Lee if they recalled their first impressions of each other, from that fateful first encounter! Candice says she remembers thinking that Lee was ‘really fit’. He was wearing tracksuit bottoms, a silver necklace and a diamante earring the night they met – very different from the Lee we know today – and being ‘into chavs at the time’, Candice was immediately bowled over! Isn’t she just a charmer? Lee says he thought that Candice was cute and ‘had a lot of good chat’ – so one of them certainly hasn’t changed all that much in the intervening years!’

Image by Kate Jackson

My favourite moment of their ceremony was when Boris and Molly-May, two pugs belonging to Candice’ family, dragged Candice’ mum, Shelly, down the aisle in their breathless determination to deliver the rings! Their pugilicious panting proved all too much for Candice who requested we do the entire ring exchange again without her slobbering dogs there to distract her!

Candice and Lee put so much thought into the details of their festival shindig: tipis for everyone to shelter from the rays, a fleet of yurts for all their guests to bed down in for the night, and a bloody HOT TUB for god’s sake!

What an epic weekend!


“Katie has an incredible talent in capturing your life so beautifully, and she’s the coolest woman ever too!”