Stoppit you’re making me blush!

(Just kidding! I live for the gushing!)

I fall head over heels in love with every single one of my couples. And these are the ones for whom the feeling was entirely mutual!

‘If we had a penny for every time one of our guests raved about Katie, the wedding would have paid for itself… We loved the idea of a humanist wedding – being able to create something that was personal and meaningful to us, as well as being engaging for our guests. Having Irish and Italian heritage, a humanist ceremony was a completely new experience for most of our family and friends, and it really opened their eyes to how ceremonies can be done.

“THE BEST WEDDING CEREMONY I HAVE EVER BEEN TO” was exactly what we wanted to hear from our nearest and dearest, and we did, in bucket loads!

Working with Katie was an absolute joy and she brought all of our thoughts, ideas (and last-minute changes) together to deliver what was the most spectacular ceremony. She inspired tears and laughter in equal measures and had the crowd hanging on her every word. We couldn’t have wished for a better ceremony and can’t thank you enough for setting the tone for what was the most magical day for the both of us!’

Natasha & Dan

‘Katie is SUPERB. The wedding ceremony that this vibrant genius conducted for us was spectacular – personal, uplifting, and full of laughter and love. She is so professional and natural in front of a crowd – warm, welcoming, exciting and colourful (check out her dresses, people!) Guest after guest has said how bespoke, touching and entertaining it was. But that’s not all – as soon as we met Katie, the fun started (and never stopped).

Her infectious energy, great advice, and hilarious sense of humour guided us through a brilliant, stress-free preparation process. This is what makes Katie really, really special – yes, the ceremony she did for us was fantastic beyond our wildest dreams, but what’s truly amazing is how she is able to make the planning of it just as fantastic and fun. Chatting to her and crafting the ceremony together was such a beautiful thing to do as a couple – thinking back over how we met, what we love about each other, and what marriage means to us. We’ll treasure our memories of these conversations as much as we’ll treasure the memories of the day itself.

We really can’t recommend Katie enough.’


Lucy & Joe

When Paul and I decided to get married, we both knew that the ceremony had to be one of the most important and most memorable parts of the day. When we first met Katie, we knew she was the celebrant for us. Katie was engaging, fun and easy to talk to. In only a couple of meetings, Katie was able to put together our ceremony script and it was… perfect. Without Katie’s kindness, help and constant support in writing our vows we would not have had the start to our wedding that we wanted. With laughter, singing and the addition of a hand fasting, me, Paul and our guests had a truly unique experience.

All our guests thought that Katie had known us for years, or that we had written the ceremony ourselves. What makes Katie so great is how much she understood us, what was important to us, and made the love that we have for each other shine through.’



‘Katie was truly AMAZING! We had contacted a few humanist celebrants, but as soon as we spoke to Katie we knew the search was over. We could feel her warmth, energy and enthusiasm, just from our initial conversation – she was the celebrant for us!

As promised, Katie gave Martin and I a list of questions. True to her word, Katie wanted to know ALL about us and we were absolutely delighted – this was exactly what we were looking for – a completely personalised ceremony. It was so much fun answering the questionnaire. For the first time in a couple of months we were sitting down on the sofa and relaxing –  reflecting on our 9 years together, rather than running around like headless chickens looking for a venue, photographer, florist etc. It was like a breath of fresh air. 

We then met up for a coffee. Katie is so easy to relate to and makes you feel completely at ease. She then went away, worked her magic.. and.. Voilà.. Our script! We were Totally blown away. Apparently it was a “first draft”, but it was simply perfect. Katie writes so incredibly beautifully – we found ourselves reading with such excitement about this beautiful love story – Our Story. Katie had somehow crafted the jumbled information we gave her into a wonderful fairy tale of our lives together so far. She has immense intuition and some of the descriptive words she used to describe us were totally spot on.. she just got us!

Our Big Day came and, once again, Katie surpassed our expectations. Not only is she an inspirational person, an amazing writer, but she is also a truly phenomenal story teller. She had everyone laughing and crying at just the right moments, conveying so perfectly the immense love that Martin and I have for each other. She made it a truly special day that we really will remember forever.

Oh, did I mention… Katie is AMAZING!!!!! Thank you Katie – Truly… Thank you!’


KAt & martin

‘Katie delivered such an incredible ceremony for my wife and I, it exceeded all expectations. We’d been so excited about it since she first sent the script, and we couldn’t have hoped for it to go any better on the day. The laughs! The singing! The perfect timing of the ring warming! The advice and support in the vow writing. Lots of people there asked if Katie were one of our friends because she knew us so well, and delivered the ceremony with such sincerity.

We could not have asked for anything more. Everything about the ceremony fit us so well, and people recognised and related to the words she delivered so wonderfully. I CANNOT RECOMMEND HER ENOUGH!’



‘Just wow… Katie made our wedding day the most perfect day! As we live in America we thought it may have been hard to make it work but with many Skype sessions and Katie being so flexible with the time difference it just worked! Katie was exactly what we were looking for in every aspect. She was funny, calming and one of the most genuine people we’ve ever met. She made everyone laugh, cry and fall in love with a humanist wedding.

We can’t thank Katie enough for helping to make our day the best day, the service and vows were our favourite part of our entire day! Simply amazing!’



‘The Best – don’t look anywhere else – stop looking, just read….

Katie literally saved my life. What turned from a panic request, primarily because of fussy traditional registrar practice, resulted in the most fantastic ceremony we had not even realised was possible. Katie and I shared a similar character from the start, from my initial phone call I could tell this complete stranger was going to understand my little excitable but positive attitude and understand how much this moment was going to mean but also how she would make everything work and everyone just smile – with my friends and family that is no easy feat!

So personal – yes we could say the traditional vows of course, but we could also blend such a unique style to the ceremony that honestly made everyone go – that was so lovely and fun. I never once thought – is the bar open yet ? 
People genuinely laughed at the right times, smiled at the right times and perhaps the odd tear at the right time. Everyone always assumes that this just happens, but it doesn’t you need a Katie to bring that together. Her pre-match team talks, venue visit with us, helping a panic bride piecing together her words beforehand.

I know she even had a secret sign for the best man to start his ring walk….(this best man is not known for his timings!).

Beautiful day started by the wonderful Ceremony – Mr and Mrs Brown thank you x’


Dan & Rian

‘Where do I start?! From the moment I met Katie I knew I wanted her to be our celebrant. She’s fun, bubbly, friendly and made me feel so relaxed. Katie wrote the most amazing script for our ceremony that was so personal and completely perfect. 

I would recommend anyone to choose Katie, you really won’t regret it!’


Claire & Rob

Katie was AMAZING! From the lengthy questionnaire/interview process (which was lovely and fun, who doesn’t like discussing the smushy details of their love story?) to the ceremony itself, she brought love, laughter and MANY tears to the proceedings. Everyone commented about how touching her words were. Not a dry eye in the house!! Katie! Thank you for being the BEST CELEBRANT IN THE WORLD… EVER (remember those albums!?). Thank you for making our day even better than we ever could have imagined xxx’


Liann & Michael

‘What an absolute dream Katie was.

From the moment I met Katie I knew we had made the perfect choice. We sat together in a cosy pub and laughed and chatted for hours about our lives, and she made us feel totally at ease. When we finally got the firstdraft through, we couldn’t believe she had made such a stunning service that was so personal to us, so fun, so heartwarming, so full of love, without any of the cringe-factor or traditional elements I was hoping to avoid – although I’m sure she would do exactly that if that’s what you were after, as Katie seems so intent to get the feel right for each couple.

The idea of having a humanist wedding for us, was that, as well as being atheists, we wanted a wedding that reflected our personalities, and was a fun and joyous occasion. Katie certainly brought the fun and encouraged us to make our own rules, which turned into a unique and wonderful ceremony of friends singing, pug dogs bringing the rings down the aisle and little cousins reading their own poetry about love! The guests were in hysterics at points by Katie’s warm and funny words and in tears at other times. Man she’s good!

I had my huge weekend festival wedding of my dreams, with camping, brass bands, circus acts and glitter artists… but in all honesty the highlight of the entire weekend was that beautiful ceremony that Katie delivered. It set the tone of the wedding as being relaxed and fun and full of love, and is a something that has been echoed with all our friends and family.

Katie has an incredible talent in capturing your life so beautifully, and she’s the coolest woman ever too! Thank you so much Katie for making such an incredible moment in our lives. We will see you again for naming ceremonies in the future…!’

Candice & lee

Katie was everything we could have dreamed of and more in a celebrant. She was warm and supportive throughout the planning stages of the script and when writing our vows, and then during the ceremony, she set the mood perfectly. We felt she truly captured the essence our love story, and the day would not have been the same without her invaluable contribution.

All our guests kept telling us how fantastic she was, and at least one couple have now decided they wanted to renew their wedding vows with a humanist ceremony! We highly recommend having Katie involved in your humanist wedding.’


Katie, Katie, Katie…. how do we put into words how we feel about the woman that narrated our crazy love story?! When Vanessa at R and F Weddings told us about you, we just knew we had to speak with you and boy, were we pleasantly surprised! From your bubbly bright smile and colourful shirts and earrings, you have been such an awesome person to work with. You just got what we were about and never tried to push a cookie cutter ceremony onto us. With all the secret surprises we were throwing at our guests, Hobo and I both said that we wished we hadn’t read your draft because it made us laugh and we wanted your words to be a little surprise for us too!

I can honestly say, without your words, guidance, humour and willingness to go with our flow, the ceremony wouldn’t have been such an epic one! So many of our guests have all said they have never laughed nor cried as much during a ceremony and it was the best one they’ve been to – and it was all because of you Katie! You are a star and we couldn’t be more thankful!’



‘Katie was an absolute dream to work with from the first Skype call when we were still deciding whether to have a humanist ceremony. She understood our vision for the ceremony, helped answer any concerns we had, and worked with us to create the perfect script. By the time it came to the big day, we felt like we knew katie really well and felt completely comfortable with her.

She delivered the ceremony with loads of energy, enthusiasm and there was not a dry eye in the house by the time the ceremony ended! So many guests commented on how great she was and how much they enjoyed the ceremony. We would recommend katie without a doubt to make your ceremony truly memorable! Thank you so much!!!’



‘I don’t know where to start with explaining how brilliant Katie is! I’m just so grateful that we found her in time before we booked a registrar.

When we first read our ceremony, I was in floods of tears. It was so personal and just nothing I’d ever seen in a wedding ceremony before!

3 weeks after our wedding we’re still getting messages to say what an amazing ceremony it was. Everyone thought Katie was a close friend because of how personal she made our day.

I was a little worried about a few older members of my family (who are a bit traditional!) and I worried that they wouldn’t understand why we went down the Humanist Celebrant route but they were the ones who came straight up to us after and said how much they loved it!

If you’re not too sure about booking Katie, you just have to do it! She is wonderful, a joy to work with and gave us a belter of a ceremony we’ll never forget.’



‘Working with Katie was a joy from the first time we spoke. She got to know us and helped us to shape a beautiful ceremony that totally encapsulated who we are and what a marriage means to us. And she made it so much fun in the run up and on the day !

Our guests all told us that it was the best wedding they’d been to, full of joy, laughter and love…basically the things that we believe truly matter. We even had a few tears…good ones ! We couldn’t have wished for a better ceremony than the one Katie put together for us. We’re already planning on renewing our vows in five years time just to go through it all again with her.’


NIAlL & abbi

Katie, you absolute 10/10 legend!

How could we begin to capture how amazing you are, how perfect your contribution to our wedding was, and how much we appreciated it. With your fun, sensitivity, understanding, talent and patience, you turned the bit we were most anxious about into something so meaningful, emotional and cherish-able. You captured our story in THE most perfect way, and told it on the day with a style that our guests STILL cannot get over! Honestly, all we heard about was how personal, special and fun the ceremony was! It set the tone for the most magical day and we are so grateful.

You are going to bring SO much joy to so many people. Can’t wait to watch your business boom!’



‘Katie was an absolute dream and we couldn’t have picked anyone better to conduct our ceremony. From the outset, her smile, bubbly personality and warm nature put us at ease and we had no worries that she would make the ceremony on our special day one to remember. We were not disappointed!

Thank you so much Katie we feel very lucky to have had you as a part of our wedding. You are the best celebrant out there and we could not have asked anything more from you.’


Kelly & Sam

‘I first found Katie on the humanist celebrant website – she had me at dogs and her Insta handle in her bio. I hadn’t really thought that having somebody cool to marry us was an option until scrolling through her Instagram. Before we even met I was pretty definite that I wanted Katie to be part of our wedding. We weren’t really sure what we wanted at the start but she worked with us until we figured it out and delivered an AMAZING ceremony with touches that we hadn’t even considered.

Our photographers we’re super excited that she was holding our ceremony and couldn’t wait to work with her again. Even if you’re not getting married you should follow her on Instagram for outfit inspo, singing, spoons, and general hilarity until the time comes that you need a celebrant.

She’s a top person and as awesome in real life as she seems on the Internet.’


Amanda & Matt