In theory I travel all over the country to conduct humanist weddings but, in reality, I’ll only do an overnight stay for the absolute MEGABABE couples who I can tell are going to be a hoot to work with, and whose wedding I’m clambering to be a part of!

Polly and Chris were one of those amazing couples. I could tell from the off we were going to have a good time together. They are some of the most wonderfully bonkers, incredibly creative and just plain hilarious people I’ve had the pleasure of working with – and their friends and family were equally out there, but we’ll come on to them in a second!


The wedding

Chris and Polly’s wedding was a two-day wedding festival shebang at the stunning Hideaway at Baxby Manor, a ‘glampsite’ in the heart of the north Yorkshire countryside. Before they had kids, Chris and Polly used to regularly throw amazing parties for all their friends and family, and they saw their one of a kind humanist wedding ceremony as a chance to recreate some of those much-missed ‘wild weekend’ vibes!

Everyone arrived on the Friday to pitch up and party (although not too hard, as Polly was keen to point out, ‘no peaking before the ceremony on Saturday!’). I was down the road at a pub/ B&B with a sizable group from the wedding party (the anti-camping brigade!), many of whom insisted on buying me drinks in a not-so-subtle attempt to inflict a hangover on me. Fortunately, I’m an ol’ pro at this wedding drinking malarkey, and was one of the few people there who successfully managed to pace themselves over the weekend!


Why a humanist ceremony?

Image by Anna Pumer Photography

Chris and Polly wanted to hold their wedding ceremony outside on the land at The Hideaway, so a humanist wedding ceremony gave them that flexibility.

Much more than that though, Chris and Polly are two cool, creative and interesting people who would been totally short changed with a civil ceremony that just slotted their names into some generic template.

They wanted a humanist wedding ceremony that really reflected their personalities and their relationship, involved all their friends and family, and felt truly CELEBRATORY!

And, boy, oh boy, was this a celebration to remember!


The big day!

Chris and Polly made the decision to hold their ceremony under an open-top tipi, with all their friends and family sat around them on hay bales, drinking Prosecco (natch!). This was my first wedding ceremony ‘in the round’ and I absolutely LOVED it.

We kick-started the ceremony with a marching brand procession (Polly and Chris share my obsession for a brass band!). The New York Brass Band stomped in playing ‘All You Need is Love’ as Polly and the rest of the bridal party sashayed in behind. Everyone was up on their feet singing and dancing along.

Honestly, it was one of THE BEST (and definitely the rowdiest!) ENTRANCES I’ve had!


The importance of family

The overall ‘theme’ of Chris and Polly’s wedding was the importance of Family. Polly and Chris made the whole weekend very family-friendly and the two of them really wanted their ceremony to emphasise that this moment was about them becoming a little unit family officially: Chris, Polly and their two boys.

It was totally unplanned, but Polly and Chris ended up each carrying one of the boys while they exchanged their vows. It was such a beautiful image: this little perfect family unit, all together in the moment, surrounded by all the people that they loved the most in the world.

 Post-ceremony drinks! What a fab day! Image by Anna Pumer Photography

Image by Anna Pumer Photography


The big finish!

Polly and Chris were marched back out of the tipi by the band, who then stayed around to play a set.

I had such a magic time with Polly and Chris and I think they did too because they left me the nicest feedback:

‘We searched long and hard to find the perfect celebrant for our big day and we weren’t disappointed! Katie brought our ceremony to life in a real, sincere and meaningful way. It wasn’t just the delivery on the day, Katie is a wonderful public speaker but also a fantastic writer. If you want a truly special and unique ceremony, book Katie now!’

Well, what can I add to that, thanks Poll! If YOU are interested in having a SUPERSTAR CEREMONY get in touch!