When the call came through from the lovely Vanessa at R and F Weddings last year ‘I’ve got a couple of crazy cool Australians who want a wedding ceremony as mad as they are’, I WAS IN! (And that was before she told me the venue would be Aynhoe Park, a brilliantly bonkers wedding venue in Oxfordshire).

The amazing Kim and David (Ho) are infamous among their group as friends as hardcore part animals and they wanted their big day to be the ‘party to end all parties’. With most of their 100 guests flying over from Australia to be with them, Kim and Ho wanted to make absolutely certain that the wild wedding weekend they had planned would be more than worth their while.

They wanted FUN, laughter, and celebration weaved into every aspect of the wedding, including the ceremony which would set the tone for the day and get everyone pumped for the party to follow!

 Kim and Ho's chose to celebrate their humanist wedding ceremony outside at Aynhoe Park. Music was provided by the fabulous Fiddlin' About. Image by Line and Tom

The emphasis really is on the celebration with these two. Kim and David told me they make a real point of living life to its absolute fullest. They are so very committed in this intention that they believe they’ve already used up their own designated ‘fun quota’… and are now just happily eating into everyone else’s!’

We kicked off Kim and David’s ceremony with a ring warming whereby their wedding rings were passed around the guests, so that they could ‘warm’ them with their loving touch, good wishes and happy vibes (whilst also getting a sneaky peek at the words that Kim and Ho had engraved on the inside of their bands).

 We incorporated a ring warming into Kim and Ho's Humanist Wedding ceremony.

The ring warming was absolutely hilarious (unintentionally!). The rings, still safely attached to the ring pillow, were tossed from one guest to the other, like a game of Hot Potato! I’ve never seen anything like it (I don’t like to cast aspersions, but I think many of the guests may have been on the ever-so-slightly tipsy side, even at this early point in the day).

 Kim and Ho wanted to bring their party flavour to their ceremony so, while the band played mid-way through, guests enjoyed a shot of Tequila! Kim and Ho wanted to bring their party flavour to their ceremony so, while the band played mid-way through, guests enjoyed a shot of Tequila!

‘Hopefully you all have had a chance to look at Kim and Ho’s rings now… or Burp and Chomp’s rings, I should say. Do those words make sense to you? Have you all witnessed Kim and Ho’s delightful burp/ chomp ritual? I’d ask them to reenact it for you now, but despite being a self-described ‘excessive burper’ Kim is unable to burp on command! So – there you have it: Kim is the ‘burper’ in this relationship. Ho is the chump… who chomps Kim’s burps up! It’s a beautiful metaphor for their relationship: Kim gives Ho crap… and Ho, well, he deals with it!’

Just before Kim and Ho made their personal vows to one another, I invited all the guests to toast to the happy couple before everyone necked a shot of Patron Café XO that had been passed around earlier by the Aynhoe staff.

It was such a magical moment and the energy from everyone there just felt incredible.

Having seen the photos from the reception I think I can safely say that the drinking and the partying and the fun times continued well into the early hours! Vanessa and everyone involved certainly succeeded in delivering a wild wedding weekend to remember (or… partially remember at least!).

Thank you to Kim and Ho for letting me be a part of your brilliant and bonkers day. I had a ball! And well done to Vanessa and everyone else involved for creating such a fabulous weekend!