• Ez and Lindsay married with a humanist wedding ceremony at Anstey Hall


  • April WEDDING DAY filmed by The Guardian

 Image: Damien Vickers Image: Damien Vickers

Ez and Lindsay first got in touch last year to discuss the possibility of having a humanist wedding ceremony. They were interested in the idea because they identified with the core humanist principals of kindness, compassion and equality, and wanted a personalised wedding ceremony that reflected their values and their hopes for their future together.

Over the next six months, as I worked with Ez and Lindsay, two themes emerged from our conversations. The first was how very different they are. These are two textbook opposites. When the two of them first met, Lindsay was a hardcore introvert who preferred her own company, while Ez was a bit of a wild child always chasing new experiences.

This tension of opposites caused friction in the early days of their romance. But they have ultimately learned to embrace their differences, and now see themselves as two halves of the same whole.

“The tale you are going to hear today is a tale of two opposites. It’s a love story that centres around a delicate balancing act where we will discover how our two leading ladies came to be sitting here in front of us today, a picture of unity and togetherness, ready to make their lifetime commitment to one another.”

— katie the celebrant

The second thread running throughout their relationship is adventure.

Ez and Lindsay are originally from the States but it was actually in Baghdad where they first met, when they were both stationed in Iraq with the international forces. Five years ago, they moved to the UK and they’ve used the opportunity of being based here to travel all across Europe. This shared passion for travel was reflected in the details of their day, with map-themed bunting draped across the guests’ chairs during the ceremony and luggage tags for place settings.

The two themes intertwined throughout their ceremony, reflecting how Ez and Lindsay’s relationship works, what they love about each other why they want to spend the rest of their lives together.

“They may be opposites, but their passion for travel is totally mirrored in each other. They met in foreign lands and maintaining this interest in all our wonderful world has to offer is what keeps them connected.”

— katie the celebrant

George the dog

 George the dog brings the rings down the aisle! (Image: Damien Vickers ) George the dog brings the rings down the aisle! (Image: Damien Vickers )

Ez and Lindsay’s Bedlington terrier, George, totally stole the show as the couple’s ring bearer. Lindsay made a ring pillow in the same map fabric as the bunting – and this was strapped to George’s back. At the key moment in the ceremony, George was released by one of the couple’s friends and he came bounding down the aisle… right on cue. To the delight of all their guests!

Ez and Lindsay’s fabulous English country house wedding marks the end of their time in the UK as they are returning to the States later this year. It was a total privilege playing a part in their British adventure, and I’m sure these two have many more to come (George in tow!).

The Guardian was there on the day, filming Ez and Lindsay’s humanist wedding ceremony for a website documentary about weddings from around the world (gotta hop on that Royal Wedding band wagon!). You can watch it here.

“‘Thank you Katie for ROCKING our love story!’”

— Esmerelda Aguirre