Happy World Humanist Day, babes! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, etc etc.

I’ve spoken extensively about Humanist weddings and what they can do for you (quick answer: a LOT), but as it’s a day to spread the awareness of Humanism as both a philosophical viewpoint and a way to effect real change in this wonderful earth we call home, I thought I’d explain how being a Humanist affects me day-to-day. (Quick answer: both a lot, and a little. See below to find out how the hell that works – ooooh, it’s a cliffhanger!)

So, for starters, the belief system of Humanism is basically about being a good egg. It’s based on central tenets like community, self-determination (basically following your own path and being the best person you can be), humanity, kindness and equality, which I think we can all agree are pretty key ones, can’t we? What this translates to in practice is working to protect the planet, making the most of the one life we get and helping our fellow humans, amongst others. For me and my work, and therefore you and your wonderful weddings, that means:

I’m dedicated to representing a diverse range of couples

Humanists non-negotiably believe in equality for ALL HUMAN BEINGS – for example, Humanists UK were a huge part of the campaign for the legalisation of same-sex marriage – which means I am committed to working with and representing a diverse range of couples and relationships. Love is love, babes, and I’m here for all of it.

I’m vegan

If you’re looking for all vegan wedding suppliers and are hunting for a vegan wedding celebrant, let me throw my hat into the ring. To look after the planet, I’ve been a vegan for years now.

All my presentation scripts are sent in biodegradable packaging

This one’s for the world, too. My biodegradable packaging means that although your love is hopefully burning an eternal flame, your script packaging won’t be burning an eternal legacy into the earth.

I don’t allow balloon or lantern releases in my wedding ceremonies

…and anything else that could impact the earth. Visually pleasing as they may well be, balloons and lanterns sadly wreak havoc with the environment. Even latex balloons, which are considered bio-degradable as they’re an organic material, can take up to 4 years to decompose, and this is only if they land on land! If they land in water, they take much longer – and not to mention all the problems they can cause animals in the process. For these reasons, like the dragons, I’m out, but don’t fret: part of the joy of my job is working out personal rituals and symbolic ceremony ideas that will reflect you both in your brilliance.

I minimise my carbon footprints with meetings

I try to do all my meetings via Skype, and hold any rehearsals (when they’re necessary) on the day of the wedding, to reduce my carbon footprint.

I pass overseas weddings to local celebrants

When I get inquiries for overseas weddings, I can pass them on to celebrant pals who live in that area, and won’t require so much travel to get there. When you have your 10-year vow renewal in Gloucestershire, however – COUNT ME IN.

10% of my fees go back to Humanists UK

This is to help fund the incredibly important work they do, like LOBBYING FOR HUMANIST WEDDINGS TO BE LEGALISED IN ENGLAND AND WALES. Just, you know, majorly important moral issues that will literally change the course of history. Every couple I marry help with this vital work, which I am so, so grateful for!

So, as I said above (see, you weren’t hanging off that cliff for too long, were you? Hope you can still feel your fingers), humanism affects my life both a lot and a little. A lot, because it relates to every single decision I make, but a little, because it’s so natural to me that it doesn’t feel like it’s a big overhaul I have to make. To me, humanism is a set of commonplace beliefs that I’d live my life by anyway. That’s the absolute JOY of it!

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