Having waited 14 years to get married, Dan and Rian understandably wanted their big day to be completely perfect, and for every detail to reflect them.

They found their ideal venue in South Farm, but then they hit a stumbling block: the only time slot they could get for a registrar to marry them was 4pm at the earliest. That would mean their big day kicking off far later than they’d planned – well, Dan wasn’t having any of that!*

Dan began researching other options available and stumbled across humanist wedding ceremonies as a more flexible and highly personalised alternative to a civil service. He loved the idea of actually choosing your wedding celebrant and working with them to create a totally bespoke wedding ceremony.

Dan got in touch and we worked together to create something that celebrated Dan and Rian, and the many incredible years they had spent together as a couple, whilst doing justice to this big transition they were making together as husband and wife.

After all this time Dan and Rian have both now reached a point where they want to cement their commitment to one another. Officially… With ‘a love deal’, as Dan beautifully describes it! ‘I can’t wait to finally call my best friend… my wife,’ he told me.

 Image: Murley and Maples Image by Murley and Maples

I know Dan found it stressful coordinating the logistics and ensuring him and Rian would still be able to sign their legal papers on their wedding day. But I, for one, am very happy that Dan and Rian were unable to get a registrar to deliver the ceremony part for the time they wanted – or else they’d have never found me!

It all worked out brilliantly in the end, and I like to think I was able to give Dan and Rian a wedding ceremony that they wanted and deserved!

It was an absolute pleasure working with the two of them and being a part of such a special day!

“What turned from a panic request, primarily because of fussy traditional registrar practice, resulted in the most fantastic ceremony we had not even realised was possible. ”

— Dan and Rian. South Farm. June 2018

*This seems to be a recurring issue. There are just not enough registrars to go around during peak season which is GREAT for me, because that’s how many couples go on to discover humanist ceremonies – something that would suit them far better anyway!