Kelly and Sam were married in a humanist wedding ceremony at Copdock Hall, Ipswich, on a baking hot afternoon in July.

The two of them have known each other since their university days and were friends for several years before they eventually got together one cold winter’s evening (romantic) following a kiss at Klute, ‘the worst nightclub in Europe’ according to FHM magazine (not so romantic… but, hey, a great story!).

Kelly and Sam wanted their wedding day to reflect their relationship; to celebrate the solid foundation of friendship that is so fundamental to their dynamic as a couple and bring significance and meaning to the commitment that they felt they were making in getting married.

Kelly and Sam made lifetime promises to each other that they had written – which were absolutely beautiful – before we finished the ceremony with a rousing (and, in this case, I really DO mean rousing!) rendition of Jerusalem*.

On the day I was actually fighting off a really nasty bout of Sinusitis so had to dash off pretty quickly to get back to bed – but not before Kelly presented me with a gift set of wooden spoons (I really do have a rep now don’t I!) – aren’t my couples are the absolute best! Thank you so much Kelly and Sam for choosing me to play a part in your big day! It was SO magical!

  • I’m not usually a big fan of hymns in humanist ceremonies (it is a non-religious occasion after all) but Sam had fond memories of singing this LOUDLY with his friends in school assembly each week. And, to be honest, watching Sam and his mates literally bring the barn down with their storming performance was hilarious and totally worth me momentarily abandoning my deeply-held humanist principals!