Good food, good wine, good times – this could be Scott and Nicola’s motto for life and it certainly sums up their approach to their wedding!

Having been to countless weddings over the years, Nicola and Scott know that guests can forgive a lot provided the food is delicious and the wine is flowing.

So, what better way to guarantee both than holding your wedding in one of London’s top restaurants?

‘The playwright, George Bernard Shaw, once said: ‘there is no love sincerer than the love of… food!’. And that’s a sentiment that I think Nicola and Scott would most fervently agree with! As I’ve got to know them, I’ve discovered that food is an absolute obsession of theirs – they do not stop talking about it!’

Nicola and Scott describe themselves as ‘food snobs’! Brilliantly, they actually met at a food festival and, during our ceremony planning meetings, they relived many of the poignant moments of their relationship through the prism of the wonderful meals they had eaten and shared together. They even remembered the ‘juicy Noccellara olives’ they’d ordered on their first date!

Of course, this was all reflected in their wedding ceremony, which was written especially for these two food obsessives promising to spend the rest of their lives together IN A RESTAURANT. What a perfect day!

‘Their favourite thing is ‘Saturday Platters’. This was something of a weekend ritual, in which they would dedicate the day to finding, tasting and savouring the South East’s finest sharing platters! In fact, so prominent was the Saturday Platter as a motif in their relationship that Scott had planned to incorporate one, when the time came to ask Nic to marry him! A ‘Platter Proposal’, if you will! (His idea was to wrap the ring in a slice of salami!)’

 Nicola and Scott exchanging personal vows with each other.

I had an amazing time working with Nicola and Scott. They gave so much of themselves in the ceremony planning process, and the result was a ceremony which was uniquely theirs! My favourite part of their day was when they exchanged the vows which they had written – and I just had to highlight one of Nicola’s promises because it was so spot on (and really made me laugh!).

I promise to always check that I’m not hangry before yelling at you

I reckon we could all do with checking first, to be honest!

Thanks to Nicola and Scott for asking me to be a part of your big day. I loved every minute of it!

Hawksmoor Guildhall is a snazzy restaurant in the Medieval heart of London, famous for its ‘dictionary-thick’ steaks and exclusive wine list. The restaurant, which is available for exclusive hire at weekends, has an amazing art deco vibe to it, with wood-panel surrounds, leather seating and mirrors in the restaurant area and bar.