Bride speeches

As a celebrant, I get to work with loads of amazing women. Women with ideas and charisma and plenty to say for themselves!

Women who, all too often, opt out of giving a speech on their wedding day, and, instead, leave it to others to speak on their behalf.  

Does this sound like you?

Well, you’re not alone! I’d say around 70% of my brides decide against doing a speech – and I can’t be putting up with that any longer! 

Where all my girls at, eh?

Writing and delivering a speech is a daunting thought, I totally get it!

But I know you.

This day means a lot to you, and, so far, you have done everything in your power to make sure it’s an honest reflection of who you and your partner are, including possibly having a super personal humanist wedding ceremony!

Underneath the nerviness and uncertainty, I know that you want to speak and to be seen.

Babes, I’m here to stop you from burying your BRILLIANCE any longer.

I’ve been a celebrant for over three years

…writing and delivering knock-out wedding ceremonies that make my couples shine.

Now I’m going to share that knowledge with you, so you can stand up in front of all your family and friends… and be your best and brilliant self.

In my Bride Speech Writing Workshop, you will get:

   One-to-one Skype call with me where we go over everything speech-y. We’ll dig into any resistance you might be feeling towards tackling this task, and actually brainstorm ideas for content. Proper practical help! You’ll come off the call with a tonne of tips and tricks, and hopefully feeling a lot more confident in your abilities to BLOODY WELL DO THIS! YES!!!

   I’ll then follow up our call with a skeleton speech outline based on everything we’ve discussed. Your job is just to follow your heart and… fill in the blanks.

   You then send your draft speech to me for one round of edits before… THE BIG DAY where off you go to shine like the star that I know you are!

I know you can do this. It’s all there in you already, you marvellous thing! You just need a gentle nudge in the right direction and a smidge of expert guidance… which is where I hope I can come in!

Excited? YES YOU ARE. We got this.

Price: £195

Get in touch now to find out more!