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Humanist Wedding Celebrant

Hey, I’m Katie. I’m a humanist wedding celebrant offering one-of-a-kind wedding ceremonies that tell your unique love story, celebrate the journey the two of you have been on, and get you properly pumped to take on the rest of your lives as… 


I believe we only have one life and we should do everything in our power to really LIVE it to the fullest. And celebrating our wedding day, in a way that feels authentic to us as individuals, and reflects the truth of our relationship, is a massive part of that.

Ain’t nothing more important in this world than love, love, LOVE!

I’m here to create an original love-filled experience totally unlike all the ‘seen-it-all-before’ ceremonies you’ve sat through in the past… waiting for the bar to open and the party to finally start!.

I specialise in fun, fabulous and utterly unforgettable humanist wedding ceremonies that actually – wait for it –
get the party started! 

So, let’s kick off your big day in style, shall we?

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Wtf is Humanism?

Humanism is about making the most of the one life we have, aiming to understand the world through logic, reason and evidence, and actively treating our fellow human beings with warmth, understanding, and respect.

My take on Humanism is this: we have one short life… so we should live it to the absolute FULLEST, treat each other and our planet with kindness, and cherish our relationships.

A Humanist wedding ceremony is a non-religious celebration, but it will feel totally welcoming and inclusive, regardless of the beliefs your guests may have. Because, at its core, the theme of every humanist wedding ceremony is something that everyone can get on board with… because IT’S A CELEBRATION OF LOVE.

Humanist weddings usually contain many of the rituals and traditional moments that you and your guests will have seen before. But without the words that have to be shared by law in a register office, or by religion in a place of worship, you create a tonne of SPACE, which we’re going to fill with… you.

Yes, we’re going to pack your ceremony until it’s overflowing with weird, wonderful, one-of-a-kind YOU.

I mean, what could be more life-affirming and unifying than that?

‘Katie was the only

…person we wanted to marry us.’



Jess + Paddy

The important bit!

I became a humanist celebrant because equality and fairness are really important to me. So I want to be 100% clear. I love to work with couples of all sexualities, gender orientations, backgrounds, races and abilities.

As a cis-gendered, able-bodied, heterosexual white woman, I am very aware of my inherent privilege, and I want to use it responsibly. I aim to use my voice to call out injustice and lift up those who are fighting it. I am doing this through education, un-learning, and examining my ingrained biases.

I understand that ally ship is a daily practice and that I will make mistakes along the way. I will be gracious in receiving critical feedback – and where it is necessary, I will make changes.

I stand with Black Lives Matter. I stand with the LGBT*Q+ community. I stand with refugees and asylum seekers. I strive to stand with all marginalised groups.

I am committed to actively playing my part in dismantling all systems of oppression – because I want every human being on this planet to be able to LIVE + LOVE fully, openly, and authentically.

‘the fun started

as soon as we met Katie (and it never stopped)’

Lucy + Joe

If we had a penny…

for every time a guest raved about Katie, the wedding would have paid for itself’

Natasha + Dan

IS …

the absolute BEST. Don’t look anywhere else.

Dan + Rian 

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